Yellowbelly Pastel Pied

Rich McColl's Serpents

Welcome to my passion!

Like many of you, I chased snakes in woods when I was a kid. As an adult I first turned my pet keeping interests to reef aquariums. But I didn't like how much that hobby relied on turnover of wild caught fish and corals. Than a decade ago I picked up a Honduran Milksnake and boom, I was in love with snakes again.

The next step in my hobby evolution was seeing my first piebald ball python. It was love at first sight but how to justify the than outrageous cost of a pied? I began limited breedings and have worked to manage a collection of snakes that I find cool.

My goal is to produce high quality, healthy, vibrant pet snakes that look so awesome you are forced to pause and just stare at them when you look into their vivarium!

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to my wife Corina. She never dreamed one Honduran Milksnake would lead to my all encompassing hobby. She has shown a remarkable tolerance for my reptiles, my blathering about obscure reptile nerdness and that one time my pied ball python Lloyd pulled a Houdini and met her in the middle of the hallway one night. Thanks Honey, you rock!