Coral Glow Pieds

Coral Glow Pieds blend one of the coolest co-dom moprhs, Coral Glow, with Piebald.  And the results are extraordinary!

Plain Ole' Piebald.

Wait?  Did I say plain piebald?  How beyond awesome are pieds?  They are the entire reason I even breed ball pythons. 

With the various gene sets I have breeding this year, I have the potential of making:


PLAIN ole' Pieds

Yellowbelly (Pumpkin) Pieds

Pastel Pieds

GeneX Pieds

Yellowbelly Pastel Pieds

Yellowbelly GeneX Pieds

Pastel GeneX Pied

Yellowbelly Pastel GeneX Pieds

Orange Dream Pieds

Coral Glow Pieds



I picked up a Bongo Cinnamon male from Ozzy Boids last summer.  Bongo mixes really well with pastels, orange dream and yellowbelly.  I have yet to see it in pied but with a bit of luck!  Maybe next year we will.

Lavender Albinos

Lavender Albino, one of the 2 types of albino in Ball Pythons has a different look than a regular albino.  The primary difference being a super cool lavender color that starts off nearly white in a hatchling but should intensify as the snake ages. 

Clown Pied Project

With the addition of a fantastic Leopard Clown possibly het for pied to my collection, I have set off on the Clown Pied trail.  Produced by Josh over at Cape Fear Constrictors, my 2015 male Leo Clown has been breeding up a storm.    I should see both regular clowns, leopard clowns, leopard pastel clowns, pastel and with some luck Leopard Pied het clown but at the very least I should get some leopards double het for clown and pied.


Orange Dream Pieds

Orange Dream Piebald.  Orange dream is a powerful building block gene that makes spactacular combinations with other genes.  With piebald it makes a stunning orange and white animal.

2017 Breeding Projects!  The 2017 breeding season is off and running.  I began pairings in November of 2016 and will continue to pair through May of 2017. 

You can't count your snakes until they hatch but I have a decent chance at producing some of the following Ball Python Morphs: