Lavender Albino

2017 Breeding Projects!  The 2017 breeding season is off and running.  I began pairings in November of 2016 and will continue to pair through May of 2017. 

You can't count your snakes until they hatch but I have a decent chance at producing some of the following Ball Python Morphs:


Orange Dream Pied

Orange Dream Pied

Orange Dream is a fantastic morph, and the pied version is spectacular.  I should have a limited amount of these beuties for sale this year.

Yellowbelly Pastel GeneX pied

Yellowbelly Pastel GeneX Pieds

I have a spectacular male Yellowbelly Pastel GeneX Pied that is in his 3rd year breeding for me.  He has made some incredible babies in the past.  If the GeneX shows up even the het Pieds he makes are mind blowing.   I should see regular pieds, Yellowbelly, Pastel, GeneX, Yellowbelly Pastel, Pastel GeneX. Yellowbelly GeneX and of course Yellowbelly Pastel GeneX pieds!