Corn Snake, Pantherophis guttatus.

I have a single corn snake, a scaleless girl.  She is feisty and when she wants to eat her feeding response is on par with my retics!  Good thing her mouth is so tiny.   She is the first corn snake I have ever had.  I just liked how the scaleless pattern looked. 

For those of you with no experience with a scaleless corn, they actually have belly scales and they still shed.  When she sheds what comes off is a silky tube.  Is she at a disadvantage not having scales?  In my opinion she isn't.  She is a happy, well fed, pet snake.  Not a wild snake.  She eats fresh kill or frozen thawed mice and is in no danger from mouse teeth.  She eats very aggressively, and would eat much more than is healthy for her if I let her.  You can see a shed and her belly scales in the second photo.

As a hatchling she would vibrate her tail to mimic a rattlesnake, a very cool behavior.  I may pick up another corn at some point and breed them.  I think corns have some awesome color morphs- peppermint, and the blood red pied being two I like.  And the Palmetto Corn- if you found a ball python that looked like a Palmetto? Dude.....