San Luis Potosi Kingsnake, Lampropeltis mexicana mexicana.

I was wandering around the internet one day and came across these gorgeous gray and red snakes that come fromthe state of San Luis Potosi in Mexico.

For a common snake with this much beauty they were surprising hard to come by.  I finally found a female from a breeder off Fauna Classifieds and than found a completely unrelated male from BHB.

They are a really easy snake to keep.  They feed beautifully on frozen thawed and fresh kill mice and rat pups.  They want lower temps than my ball pythons but I find they do great in the very bottom level of my caging system- temperatures are just a little lower just off the floor of the snake room. 

I'm pretty happy with these gorgeous little gems!  Honestly I don't understand why they aren't more popular in the hobby!  Easy care, and they have a beautiful, unique look very different from most of the rest of the king snake/milk snake family.