My dogs!

Cocoa, the little one.  Pura Vida- Cocoa was a stray dog I found on the beach in a remote part of Costa Rica. Remote even by Costa Rican standards!   I'm talking where the two track came out of the jungle on the Pacific Ocean remote.  Cocoa is such a mixmaster that when I had her DNA tested most of it came out in such low percentages no breed was conclusive and 25% of her DNA didn't even match ANYTHING!  Ha!  Love it. 

KC- our black and white AmStaff.  My good ole' boy.  KC was a shelter pull from Fremont, California.  One big muscle, but so gentle.  He was three when he came to us- already trained, mellow and just a cool boy.

Brooklyn, my mini-mastiff.  She is half bullmastiff, and the other half is English mastiff and... Boston Terrier with a touch of AMStaff.  Yep.  Boston Terrier.  She is only 9 months old but I think she will only get to 70-75lbs.  Such a sweetie, and smart as a whip.  Too smart!  She has also reminded me that I don't ever need to have a puppy again.  Full of beans.