Terms and Conditions  .



All animals are health and sex guaranteed at time of delivery.

Live arrival guaranteed as long as somebody is available to sign for the delivery on the first attempt to deliver by FedEx.  This means being able to receive the reptile between 8:00-12:00 at the shipping address.  

If FedEx is at fault in a late delivery- even if its 24 hours late I will make it right.  Your failure to receive the package on the first attempt at delivery, is NOT FedEx's or my fault. 

If my shipping preparation was at fault in a deceased or injured animal I will make it right.

If you let the package sit on your porch all day in the snow or the sun,  or on FedEx truck all day until the next day because you were not home, that is on you.

Any health issues must be brought to my attention as soon as possible after arrival but in no event more than forty-eight (48) hours after arrival.  Failure to notify within forty-eight hours will constitute acceptance of the animal and terminate the buyer’s right to object based on illness or death.  

Deceased animals:

If the animal is deceased when you receive the package,  you must contact and report the deceased animal to me within 4 hours of the official FedEx drop off time (per FedEx records).  In addition, you will need to send the animal back to me as proof. No exceptions.  Failure to return a deceased animal body in a timely manner (within 1 week) will void any right to a refund or replacement animal.

Shipping is with FedEx Priority overnight through Ship Your Reptiles.  I ship ONLY FedEx Priority.  This means delivery to most urban and suburban addresses by 10:30 AM and most rural addresses by 12:00.  There are some rural addresses with 4 PM delivery but I have yet to have somebody buy an animal who lives that far out in the boonies.

Overnight priority shipping is safe, and fast and only very rarely has a problem.  I drop the package to FedEx as late as possible on the shipping day.  This lessens the time the package is in FedEx hands.  It is possible for me to ship from San Francisco to Boston in 16 hours.

I only ship on Monday-Wednesday. We don't ship Thursday or Friday because FedEx will hold the package over the weekend, exponentially increasing the potential for something going wrong. 

Shipping is weather dependent,  If the daytime high for the point of origin or the destination is below 38 degrees or above 92 we can't ship.  We can ship to a FedEx holding facility if the temp is between 92-100 degrees but there is no live arrival guarantee.  Above 100 (Las Vegas in July!) we just can't ship.  Below 38 (Detroit, in January!) we can't ship.


Except as otherwise provided herein, you as the customer expressly agrees that all remedies under this contract will be limited to a refund of the animal purchase price, less shipping.


I do not sell animals on this page.  If you are interested in available animals please contact me or visit my store page on Morph Market.

Rich McColl's Serpents:  http://www.morphmarket.com/stores/richmccollserpents/?cat=reps

Or contact me on my Facebook page:  Rich McColl's Serpents.  There is a direct link at the bottom of the page.

Payment via Square (preferred if you are using a credit card) or Paypal.  Certified bank check or USPS money orders will be accepted but will need to clear prior to shipping- this can take 10-14 business days.  Certified bank checks or USPS money orders must not be in an amount higher than my asking price- no change will be given.
***Pay Pal payments above $500 will be subject to an additional 3% Pay Pal handling fee to be added to the shipping quote***

Payment Plans:
Payment plans are available on purchases over $600: 20% non-refundable deposit, three months maximum.  No animal will ship until all funds have been paid in full.



Buying an animal from me constitutes your admission that you have researched basic care and caging needs for your new pet.  I am available for basic advice and have a Ball Python care sheet on this website.  Since I can't directly supervise how my advice is put to use, I make no warranties whatsoever as to such advice and expressly disclaim responsibility for any actions taken in reliance on such advice.  

Snakes have differing personalities.  Most ball pythons are mellow.  Not all are.  Please use your judgment when interacting with or allowing others to interact with your new pet.  I am not responsible for your new pet's potential to bite, flee or hide.  

Reticulated Pythons are smart, fast, potentially aggressive and have a strong feeding response towards anything coming into their environs (They may bite first and ask questions later).  Purchase of a reticulated python constitutes your admission of these facts.  Again, I am not responsible for the individual animals personality or actions.


FEEDING:  All animals are sold only after they have a good history of health and feeding.  Shipping, environment changes and your interaction with a new pet may cause an animal to stop feeding for a short time.  Be patient.  Live feeding of rodents may be necessary to your new pets health.  By purchasing your new pet, you constitute your admission that you may have to feed a live rodent to your pet rather than a fresh killed rodent or a thawed, previously frozen rodent.