6th Clutch of 2019: TSK Snow x Axanthic Pied, possibly Super Orange Dream

My most anticipated clutch of the year take 2! TSK Snow x Axanthic Pied, possibly Super Orange Dream. 8 big eggs.

Best case scenario these will be : TSK Axanthic Orange Dreams double het Albino Pied.

At the very least the should be Orange Dream het Albino, het Pied, het TSK Axanthic and het unknown line of Axanthic.


3rd clutch for 2019. Long Shot at Hi-Way Pieds!

The Dam is a Yellowbelly, Pastel, Possible GeneX, het Pied and the sire is Hi-way het Pied! Long shot at Hi-Way Pieds but it will be an amazing clutch any way you cut it- I should get some Hi-way and Ivory 66% het pieds, and maybe some Ivory and Hi-Way Pieds and who knows, I could get a Hi-Way, Pastel, GeneX Pied!!! 7 UGLY eggs but ugly eggs are way better than NO eggs!


First clutch of 2019: 8 1/2 year old Female lays her very first clutch!!!

So ya’ know how everyone tells ya’ that your female ball python will lay some eggs when she hits 1500 grams or is 3 years old? This girl never read that manual. 8 1/2 years old! 1800grams post lay (I didn’t weigh her pre-ovulation). She has locked up with every breeder male pied I have had for the past 6 years. But nothing, every year she would go off feed and than go back on. Nary an egg in sight.

The last three locks were Bongo Cinnamon, so that is the best probability for a sire. In 60 days we will find out the answer! All the eggs had great veins. Nice!


Yellowbelly Pastel x Banana Clown male

Working towards some hets, I'd  like a male triple here- a Yellowbelly, Pastel, Banna het clown male.  I'd love that combo in a female but its a male maker banana so I'm not holding my breathe I'll get a female.  Still...   Plus I should make some YB and Pastel combo het clown girls for the future!  10 huge beutiful eggs, though one of them proved to not be fertile- no veins.


Het Pied x Yellowbelly Pastel GeneX Pied

9 eggs!   8 healthy eggs and 1 with no veins.  This girl was one I used to get a couple of younger males going as well.  2  Yellowbelly GeneX Pieds, And a Pastel GeneX Pied.  So we will get variations of those genes here!


Orange Dream het Pied x Plain Jane Normal June 28th, 2018.

Well I was wrong on this clutch.  I had put in a coral glow pied with her and assumed this would be the father.  But I had an adult Orange Dream, Leopard het Pied male for sale in January of 2018.  And a potential buyer said he was interested if the male was willing to lock. 

So I put in the OD Leo and he locked up, I took pics, sent them to the potential buyer and... he didn't buy.

So, a few months later instead of Coral Glows i got Orange Dreams! 


Santiago! Het Pied x Yellowbelly Pastel GeneX Pied

Santiago is one of my original het Pied girls.  She was named by a co-workers child who was also named Santiago.  He named her after himself, which I thought was awesome!

Poppa is my Original Yellowbelly Pastel GeneX Pied so these will be pied and het pied variations on that mix.

Yellowbelly Pied

Normal by Coral Glow Pied

This girl.  I got her from a kid who had traded a video game for her.  But he lived with Grand Ma, and Grand Ma had other ideas about a pet snake.  Too bad.  So I gave the kid $50 for a new video game, seemed like the fair thing to do.

She bites, hisses and is flighty at the best of times.  Her early life is probably why. 

2 years ago she gave me a clutch that I think was from parthenogenesis.  The babies hatched, all were normals and they had wild alien heads.  But none of them thrived and all died within 6 months.  I have since found out that is relatively normal for a partho clutch .

So this year I paired her with a Coral Glow Pied just to see what she could do.