Clutch 17: Monarch x Yellowbelly Calico

Welllllllllllll…….. I’m not going to hold my breath. 8 eggs. 2 were slugs. The other 6 all had weak veins. Of course I will incubate the 6 with weak veins. However, it won’t surprise me to lose some or all of them during incubation. Why? My guess is it was the Monarch male being just a little too young to pull it off. The female is a proven girl who produced a very healthy clutch a year ago. C'est la vie.


Clutch 15! Orange Dream Pied x het Pied ! 2 clutches in one day!

I tell ya’, I think there is something to hormone cycling in ball pythons. This girl, Fat Albert, ovulated a week after Millie, the Momma of Clutch 14. Yet they both laid today. 12 eggs. Also, Fat Albert is like 9 years old and was named Fat Albert way before the public (Me, anyways) knew what a douche Cosby turned out to be. But he doesn’t get to steal Fat Albert’s name away from her. Hey Hey Heeeeeey!


Clutch 14: Orange Dream Pied x Het Pied

This is Millie! She spent her first 2 years of life living in my classroom as a classroom pet! She moved to my facility once she was big enough to be a momma. This is her second clutch and should produce Orange Dream Pieds, regular Pieds and hets! 9 eggs!


Clutch 13 Lavender Albinos

The power of a het animal. This little girl only lays 4-5 eggs at a time. But in the past her babies have been absolutely stunning. You would never know it just looking at her.


6th Clutch of 2019: TSK Snow x Axanthic Pied, possibly Super Orange Dream

My most anticipated clutch of the year take 2! TSK Snow x Axanthic Pied, possibly Super Orange Dream. 8 big eggs.

Best case scenario these will be : TSK Axanthic Orange Dreams double het Albino Pied.

At the very least the should be Orange Dream het Albino, het Pied, het TSK Axanthic and het unknown line of Axanthic.