Oh BABY! This Clutch! This is IT! My most anticipated clutch of the year!!!!!!!!

Every year you have a couple of clutchs that mean more to you than the others.  This year THIS is the single most anticipated clutch I have!  Laid 5/30/17 this is 7 chances towards a Super Orange Dream PIEDS! SUPER OD PIEDS!   In my own head that echoed off into the distance!    This is a female that I hatched 2 years ago, who never missed a meal and who bred right off the bat!  It doesn't always work that way- a young female may possible not even breed, might not ovulate, or may lay slugs.     She didn't!  So awesome!  I bred her to a male Orange Dream het pied.  So the possible outcomes are Orange Dreams,  Orange Dream Pieds, Super Orange Dreams, Super Orange Dream Pieds (Oh MOMMA!), regular pieds, and maybe a het pied or 2.