Whiiiiffffffff..... Orange Dream het Pied x Pied

I really have no reason to complain, I have had an incredibly steller breeding season.  But it still gives you a pang when you see a promising clutch turn into a slugfest.    This was the first clutch for this big gorgeous pied girl.  And in the past when I have had a lot of slugs in a clutch it seems to be a a first clutch for a young female.  This girl is 3, so old enough and she is large- she was 2200g after she laid eggs.  So she was viable, but sometimes it seems like a young female just throws slugs.

What I got? 2 healthy viable eggs with full veins.  3 beautiful eggs with almost no veins.  And 6 slugs....  6.  Eeeessch.

Still, she did make 11 eggs.  So the promise of next year is pretty exciting!   Clutch #17.