Sister of Orange Dreams!

This girl has been a bit of a mystery since she hatched. She is a clutchmate from my very first Orange Dream Pied clutch but is her own thing! She doesn't look like a regular Pied but certainly does not look like full Orange Dream Pied either.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what her babies look like. The sire is an OD het Pied. So I can get Pieds, Orange Dream Pieds and hets. And who knows what her crazy look will produce!   Clutch #12!

Het Pied by oh so many possible sires!

Het Pied by Mystery Pieds. This girl is a 4 year old who had pulled back a year ago and never laid. This year I put multiple pied males in with her so we could get regular Pieds, Yellow Belly Pastel GeneX Pieds or Orange Dream Pieds. As always, I lean towards the YB Pastel GeneX Pied being the sire as he just gets things done. 8 big eggs! Clutch #11, 2017.

Oh Yeah! Leopard Clown POSSIBLE het Pied x Pied!

This will be my first chance to see if my Leopard Clown poss het Pied is actually het Pied or not!  7 eggs by a full pied girl certainly gives me good odds on showing pieds if he is het!  Worst case?  Everything will at least be double hets or Leopard double het!  The third pic is Poppa, check out his ringer!

More Lavender Albinos!

Gorgeous eggs in this clutch!  We should see some fantastic little lavender albinos out of these ivory beuties in 60 days!  That's the perfect egg coil this momma is using, isn't it!  Lavender albino x het Lavender albino.

Oh BABY! This Clutch! This is IT! My most anticipated clutch of the year!!!!!!!!

Every year you have a couple of clutchs that mean more to you than the others.  This year THIS is the single most anticipated clutch I have!  Laid 5/30/17 this is 7 chances towards a Super Orange Dream PIEDS! SUPER OD PIEDS!   In my own head that echoed off into the distance!    This is a female that I hatched 2 years ago, who never missed a meal and who bred right off the bat!  It doesn't always work that way- a young female may possible not even breed, might not ovulate, or may lay slugs.     She didn't!  So awesome!  I bred her to a male Orange Dream het pied.  So the possible outcomes are Orange Dreams,  Orange Dream Pieds, Super Orange Dreams, Super Orange Dream Pieds (Oh MOMMA!), regular pieds, and maybe a het pied or 2. 

12 eggs!! Het Pied by Mystery Father!

This is going to be a whose Yo' Daddy clutch!  Mom is a het Pied, and I put a Bongo Cinnamon male in with her once with no observed lock, and I put in my awesome Yellowbelly Pastel GeneX Pied in with her and saw one nice lock, and than I put in my Orange Dream Pied male with her twice and saw 2 locks.  Now, given the prolific nature of my YB Pastel GeneX Pied male I'm putting my money on him.  That guy would breed rope if I let him!

But that's whats so cool about a breeding like this!  You just can't know what you got until those heads start popping out!

***The father turned out to be the Orange Dream!!!***

2017 Breeding Season

First up for 2017: Lavender Albinos!  This little girl gave me 4 eggs from Lav Albino x het Lav Albino.  this is her second clutch and she is a 5 year old.  She is just small.  She makes up for tiny clutches by producing some of the most exquisite Lav Albinos I have ever made.  We shall see what show up at the end of June!

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