And one last who is YO' Daddy!? clutch for 2017.

This should be it for 2017!  My goal for the year was 20 successful clutches and this will make 21!  Awesome!  Momma is a het Pied that I hatched a couple of years ago.  She started breeding a year ago with my Yellowbelly Pastel GeneX male, than hooked up with an OD Pied a couple of times and than I switched it up and rolled in a Coral Glow Pied.  So we shall see who was in their at that peak moment!  Being Thanksgiving week, 2017 that means these eggs will be my first hatch of 2018!  Not a bad way to end the year or to start the next one!

***01/18/18  They are hatching and check out the photo, that is a Coral Glow Pied in the center bottom and an Orange Dream het Pied to the left!  Split clutch!  Two daddies!  The Coral Glow Pied and the Orange Dream Pied both hooked it up!