Honduran Milk Snake, Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis.

I named him Snakey Snake!  This is the guy who sucked me back into keeping snakes a decade ago.  I walked into the East Bay Vivarium looking for a Sinaloan Milk Snake and walked out with a Honduran Milk instead.  I just liked him.  Big, beautiful and active.  He burrows most of the year in his substrate.  But every spring he first goes on a hunger strike and than he wanders around his vivarium looking for the ladies.  I've never had a lady for him though.  Poor guy. 

In the second photo, that is Snakey Snake hunting!  As a hatchling and a youngster he would eat whenever I fed him.  At 4-5 years of age he started to eat on his schedule, not mine.  So now I wait until he displays hunger behavior to feed him. 

He shows me he is ready to eat by burrowing completely into his substrate and sticking just the end of his nose out.  You would never know that tiny head had a 5 foot body attached to it!  The bedding is an unscented, chemical and dye free paper animal bedding.  Its easy to clean and he loves to burrow in it.